September 26, 2020

Online electricity bill payment-process, boards full details

Electricity Bill payment is a monthly hectic task if you are not paying your bill in online consumes a lot of time and energy if you are going to pay your bill on the counter. out of some available electricity bill payment options, online electricity bill payment option is more convenient and secure. 

online electricity bill payment

so on this page, we are going to discuss the online electricity bill payment. list of all electricity distribution boards across India . all the payment options available online will be explained in detail.

In India, most of the state governments are doing the distribution work, and they are collecting the monthly bill of electricity. for example- Uttar Pradesh power corporation limited, BSPHCL- Bihar state power holding company limited,  TNEB- Tamilnadu electricity board, JBVNL- Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited.

but in some states, some private players also have emerged and they are handling the distribution part so they are collecting the electricity bill. for example- Adani power, reliance power, Tata power, etc.

list of all electricity boards across India and their links are given below, so that you can pay your electricity bill online, according to your convenience.

States And their electricity distribution companies- pay electricity bill online here

1. Andhra Pradesh- 

Eastern power distribution of A.P. LTD- Click here

2. Andaman Nicobar- 

Electricity Department Andaman and Nicobar- click here

3. Arunachal Pradesh

Department of Power Arunachal Pradesh-click here

4. Assam

Assam power distribution company limited- click here

5. Bihar

SBPDCL- south Bihar power distribution company limited- click here

NBPDCL- North Bihar power distribution Company Limited- click here

6. Chandigarh

Electricity department Chandigarh- click here

7. Chhattisgarh

CSPDCL- Chhattisgarh state power distribution company limited- click here

8. Delhi

BSES- BSES Rajdhani power limited- click here

BSES- BSES Yamuna power limited- click here

9. Goa

Goa electricity department- click here

10. Gujarat

DGVCL- Dakshin Gujarat Vij company limited- click here

UGVCL- Uttar Gujarat Vij company limited- click here

PGVCL- Paschim Gujarat Vij company limited- Click here

MGVCL- Madhya Gujarat Vij Company limited- click here

11. Haryana

UHBVN- Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam- click here

DHBVN- Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam- click here

12. Himachal Pradesh

 Himachal Pradesh state electricity Board Limited

13. Jammu & Kashmir

Power development department J&K- Click here

14. Jharkhand

Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited- click here

15. Karnataka

BESCOM- Bangalore electricity supply company limited- click here

MESCOM- Mangalore electricity supply company- Click here

HESCOM- Hubli electricity supply company- click here

GESCOM- Gulbarga electricity supply company- click here

CESC- Chamundeshwari electricity supply company Mysore- click here

16. Kerala

KSEB- Kerala state electricity board- Click here


Madhya Pradesh Madhya kshetra Vidyut Vitran- Click here 

18. Meghalaya

Meghalaya energy corporation Limited- click here

19. Maharashtra

Maharashtra state electricity distribution co. Ltd- Click here

Adani Electricity- Click here

BEST- click her


Power and electricity department Mizoram- click here

21. Nagaland

Department of Power, Nagaland- click here

22. Odisha

Central Electricity Supply Utility of Odisha- Click here

WESCO- Western electricity supply company of Odisha- Click here

Odisha Discoms- click here

23. Puducherry

Electricity Department- Puducherry- click here

24. Punjab

Punjab state power corporation Limited- click here

25. Rajasthan

Ajmer Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited- Click here

Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited- Click here

Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited- Click here

26. Sikkim

Energy and Power Department Sikkim- Click here

27. Tamilnadu

Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution corporation limited- Click here

28. Telangana

Southern power distribution of Telangana Limited- Click here

29. Tripura

Tripura State Electricity Corporation Limited- Click here

30. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation limited- Click here

Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited- Click here

31. Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited- Click here

32. West Bengal

West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited- Click here

online electricity bill payment


one can pay his / her monthly electricity bill by following methods- 


offline mode- you can pay your electricity bill by visiting the nearest bill payment center of your electricity distribution company. but in this mode, you have to wait in a queue and extra service charges above bill also you have to pay.

online mode

online mode today is very common and most of the people who hold a smartphone or desktop are paying his electricity bill online. for paying your electricity bill online you needed to have following details with you-  

  • your consumer number
  • your consumer account in some cases
  • internet connection(in mobile or Desktop)
  • your debit card, credit card or net banking details
  • you can pay through mobile wallets also

process involves online electricity bill payment- 

  • for paying your electricity bill payment online you are supposed to be aware of the following process-
  • by visiting your service provider web page.
  • you can visit directly to your service provider website by clicking the links given above, state-wise electricity distribution company name is given with the link, so just click the name and you will land on the web portal of your service provider.
  • you have to fill your consumer number or consumer id in the box provided over there.
  • you should provide your registered mobile number.
  • you should provide your email id for receipt of confirmation of bill payment.
  • by filling these details-you can check your current bill amount.
  • you can click on the payment option and can pay by any method- credit card, debit card, net banking or wallet
  • fill the OTP received on your mobile.
  • you will get the confirmation on your screen, and the same by SMS on your registered mobile number.
  • confirmation receipt on your email id will also arrive, instantly.

online electricity bill payment directly through wallets- 

you can pay your electricity bill using wallets available online, such as google pay, phone pe, paytm, mobikwik and others. this is also one of the preferred ways of electricity bill payment by most of the users today. this method is also very convenient and you can pay your bill through your mobile.

Through google pay online electricity bill payment through Google pay

one can pay his online electricity bill through Google Pay. payment through google pay is very easy, as it deducts the bill amount directly from your savings account, using your bank UPI Details. no need to upload Balance in Wallet again and again. you can add all your saving account in google pay mobile application using your debit card details, so that you can use any one of your accounts. online electricity bill payment through google pay is very safe, as this payment application is a product of Google. 

For online electricity bill payment through Google pay – you have to follow the following steps-
  • open the Google Pay application on your smartphone or Tablet.
  • choose the option new new option in google pay
  • Choose the option Bill Payment-
  • now choose the option Electricity
  • A list of all Available electricity distribution boards will appear- choose your service provider.
  • Link your Account with google pay application, so that next time you check and pay your electricity bill with a single click.
  • Click on pay now, and choose your desired account from which you want to pay the bill.
  • The bill amount will be deducted and you will get the confirmation mail and message.


online electricity bill payment through  Phonepe

Phonepe one of the popular payment app today can also be used for online electricity bill payment. you have a Wallet and UPI both options with Phonepe application. Download and register with your Basic details. you can create activate UPI option and can pay any bill directly through your bank account.

Online Electricity Bill payment through Paytm

with Paytm also you get both options of Wallet and UPI. so you can choose any one of that and can pay your bill. Paytm Wallet is also very famous and you will get attractive cashback in your wallet on payment of your electricity bill through Paytm wallet. payments through Paytm are accepted everywhere nowadays so this is a must-have app.

Online Electricity Bill Payment Through Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a payment application by Amazon. and payment through this application is very easy using UPI and Wallet Balance. the cashback option is also available in Amazon pay and most of the time the cashback you will get with Amazon pay will be maximum in comparison with other Wallets and apps.

Online Electricity Bill Payment Through Mobikwik

you can use Mobikwik mobile application to pay your electricity bill online. simply download the Application from the App store and register with your basic details. you can choose the bill payment option from the menu, and further proceed for electricity bill payment option. here also you will get cashback, but that will be in form of super cash a term used by mobikwik for cash backs. the main drawback of that super cash you got is, you can not use the full super cash for your next transaction. you can use only some part of that.

Online Electricity Bill Payment Through Bank UPI Apps

you can also use the UPI app of Different Banks and can pay your electricity bill directly. you can download and use any bank UPI application, no matter you have an account in that bank or not. some famous UPI apps you can use are- AXIS PAY UPI, ICICI BANK UPI, SBI BANK UPI, CANARA BANK UPI, CENTRAL BANK UPI, and others.


you can download all the above-said applications from Google play store if you are using an Android smartphone or else from apple store if you are using an ios phone or iPad.

Benefits of paying your electricity bill online- 

  • Time-saving
  • no need to visit a local bill payment office
  • you can pay from anywhere
  • you can pay at ant time
  • with online reminders, you will never miss paying on time.
  • you will get cashback on most of the wallets.
  • you will get rewards points on your debit card and credit card if you are using your Debit or credit card for online electricity bill payment.


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